Project Description

Lendified – Small Business | Big Picture

Resonator created the Lendified brand with a clear focus to support the Canadian small businesses unable to access a required $20 billion in capital from Canadian banks.

Working closely with the founders, Resonator developed the Lendified brand and developed and launched the innovative FinTech portal that now services businesses across the country. Key to Lendified’s offering is a proprietary algorithm that takes the reputation and social media status of businesses into account, helping to create a truer credit score and a real view of a business’ potential. This new perspective truly puts proof behind the “Small Business. Big Picture” campaign.

Our work included the creation and design of the Lendified brand, development and deployment of the online banking portal, writing and design of collateral materials and creating videos to explain this new banking process and paradigm.

The project was so successful that Resonator was contracted to create the brand and assets for the consumer-facing partner to Lendified, set to launch in 2016.