Project Description


Resonator worked with OTEC (Ontario Tourism Education Corporation) to develop the GET READY campaign for the THER (Tourism Hospitality Emergency Response) program aimed to provide training, assistance, education and resources for the hard-hit tourism and hospitality sector.   

Coming out of the global pandemic, opportunities in this sector exploded and information sharing about available support, training and tools played an integral role in the economic recovery of this industry. 

Resonator worked with Lytton Communications to develop campaign direction.  We also rapidly developed a video series, advertising and a web hub during the pandemic to meet the need of the sector. 

Led by OTEC, and funded by the Government of Canada, and the Future Skills Centre, with lead partners Tourism HR Canada, TIAC/AITC and Restaurants Canada, the project was a partnership with Ontario Restaurant Hotel and Motel Association, Tourism Industry Association of Ontario, Tourism Skillsnet Ontario, Hospitality Workers Training Centre, Indigenous Tourism Ontario, Culinary Tourism Alliance, Marriot International, Resorts of Ontario, Tourism Saskatchewan and TIANB/AITNB.